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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the purpose of case reporting?

    The documented cases will be used to advocate with the relevant authorities to improve or guarantee access to public services in general and to health care in particular for community members of key populations.

  • Who can report cases of violence on this platform?

    If you are a member of the MSM, DU, ST and PLHIV community and you are a key population in a case of violence, this is your platform.

    A third person can also report a case on behalf of a key population, if specifically requested by the key population.

  • What is the purpose of this platform?

    This platform is a discreet and confidential reporting tool for cases of violence perpetrated against minorities because of their sexual orientation or sexual activity.

    This platform allows Men who have sex with Men and Sex Workers to connect discreetly and to report cases of violence of which they are Victims/Survivors, and to ask for and obtain assistance or advice to deal with the consequences of this violence. The same applies to drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Is confidentiality guaranteed?

    Yes, you can report cases of violence you have experienced in complete confidentiality and serenity.

    The documented cases are only accessible by the platform administrators.

    You can also choose not to give your real identity if you do not wish to have a personalised follow-up.

  • If I make a complaint here, will my complaint be followed up?

    This platform does not replace the normal complaint procedure.

    You can just document the case of violence you are a victim of and ask for assistance if you want.

    The administrators could help you to formulate your complaint and to address it to a competent authority.

    Nb: A preliminary independent investigation could be carried out for any reported case that requires a judicial follow-up.

    It is therefore important that documented cases are substantiated.

  • Can a third party report a case of violence on behalf of a victim?

    Yes, a third party can also report a case on behalf of a victim, at the victim's express request.

  • If I need assistance, what do I do?

    Just fill in the report form in the violence section and specify the type of assistance you need.

    If you need medical assistance, go to the "Services" section of Health or click here.

  • Can several cases of violence be reported for the same victim?

    Of course. You can come back to the platform as many times as you are victims to report these cases.

    You can do so as a new case, but you can also do so following the first case you opened.

    For this purpose, it is advisable to remember your nickname and date of birth that you communicated when you registered the first case.

  • How to report a case of violence?

    To report a case of violence, simply fill in the form provided in the "Violence" section. or click here. Fill in the fields on the form and click on post.

    A message will ask you to check the information you are about to send.

    After checking, you can click on "Submit your event".

    If there are any errors, you can correct them before clicking on "Submit your event". Note that you have the option of not leaving a contact, but if you do so, you cannot expect a follow-up, as you will not be contacted.

    But your case can still be reported and documented. If you wish to follow up on your reported case, then you need to remember the date of birth and the nickname that you gave when you registered your case of violence.

    NB: It is important that documented cases are proven.

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